Some biggest SEO lessons learned from internal sources of Google

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Many of us put in sincere efforts in SEO but are unable to see the results. In other words, our efforts and time go in vain. So what is the solution? Below listed are certain SEO lessons which we have learned from the internal sources of Google which are highly helpful.

  • Ban or Penalizations don’t work the way most people think

The goal of Google or any server is to serve the most relevant listing or results for every search and not to penalize sites.

For example, any brand says Gucci having a handful of bad links or they are caught building links, it will be completely foolish to ban or penalize Gucci as it is a popular brand. Customers are willing to view Gucci no matter links or anything thus google can’t ban such a brand. Penalizing any such brand can be a reason for the disappointment of a number of searchers which may affect the server’s long run revenue.

In such cases Google ignores any spammy backlinks or negative SEO and traffic to that site remains the same. So if you are on the right path there is nothing to worry about penalizing.

  • Wasting money on expired domains or other shortcuts is a big NO!!!

One of the very popular trick to be on top is to purchase expired domains and optimize them. It may help you to boost your ranking but only temporarily not permanently. Many people have experienced the same but fail to figure out the reason for such a sudden boost of ranking and then downfall. Expired domains don’t work well is Google is the father of all the sites and has complete information about how people redirect expired domains to their site and create a network of blogs. Thus Google has all the information regarding domains which you might or might not have.

  • Google ignores most guest post links

All of us come across a number of emails from people offering paid links on entrepreneur, Forbes, Buzz feed and other sites that have a high domain authority. Nowadays it is no more difficult job to detect the URLs and profiles on sites which are guest posts.

For example, let us consider Forbes. One just needs to search “Guest writers” and you will come across tons of articles. It is not a big deal for Google to spot such posts and devalue the links. “Google devalues or ignores bad links, which reflects the changes we saw in Penguin, where Google devalues those links rather than penalizing for them.” So using such links have no impact on your rankings.

  •   “Google isn’t trying to take clicks away from your website, they are trying to build a better product.”

Over the past few years, I have heard many people complaining that Google is keeping people engaged on google only and is not driving any traffic to their websites. Google is a big brand and no one can retain it from scraping content from your website. Think another way, you are getting free traffic and it is always better to have some traffic that not having it at all. Google is highly user-friendly thus it’s a mere misconception that Google wants to retain all the traffic only to its site but the truth is Google is constantly adopting practices which prove to be best for searchers.

  •  YouTube – The biggest search opportunity

How often do you use the YouTube search? For most of the users, the answer would be almost daily. And this answer itself reflects the biggest opportunity in today’s time. No doubt Google loves long text-based content that’s why almost all the companies are engaged in posting blogs. But the problem is high competition. So the next best alternative is to start with YouTube SEO. It is a powerful platform and one more plus point is that it is comparatively very easy to rank here.