How to Optimize Your Anchor Text Strategy for SEO?

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“57% B2B digital marketers believe SEO is more effective opposed to other marketing tools in terms of leads & sales” In this 21st century hyper-connected Internet world there is an ocean of opportunities for businesses to push their bottom line.

Like any other business owner with little SEO knowledge you apparently think Search Engine Optimization as an influential means of improving site traffic, but there are many other distinct advantages of investing in a reliable SEO Company in Manhattan

These include enhancing the overall outlook of the site, thus establishing a better user experience for your visitors. And, this, in fact, is the road to reach a greater leads-to-sales conversation rate.

Before we go any further, it’s imperative to define the term SE0-

Stands for Search Engine Optimization; SEO is an array of techniques & strategies executed to improve SERP rankings of the website (businesses & not-for-profit organizations) on premier search engines like the Google, the Bing. In other words, you can say it is a dynamic approach to aggravate the online visibility of a site without spending a penny on advertisements.

SEO is a series of factors coupled to boost website keyword rankings, and one such factor often overlooked is the anchor text optimization.

What is An Anchor Text?

The anchor text is the text displayed on a link that a user clicks to reach an internal/external business or product page. The link appears in different colors compared to the surrounding textual content, and it is usually underlined. Ideally, the anchor text should be written in a way it clearly tells the reader/visitor what they are clicking. The anchor text motive is to improve the odds a particular link is clicked, additionally allowing the search engine rank the content.

How Does an Anchor Text Look?

The anchor text clearly describes the clickable link; the link can be a resourceful piece of information related to the content, the business website or the product page. Further, it even helps the search engine to determine whether a particular link embedded in the text is relevant, and ultimately improves the keyword rankings.

<a href=”link”> What is The Link</a>

This is how the anchor text looks at the back end, the first segment is the link (URL of the link) and the second part is meant for the visitors describing what the link is all about.

Various Types of the Anchor Text

The Anchor Text works for both internal & external linking, and links to the content in numerous ways as listed below-

  1. Branded Anchor Text

The link with anchor text as the name of the brand or the business is termed as the Branded Anchor Text.

  1. The URL Anchor Text

In this kind, the anchor text is simply the URL of the site, ideally, it is never recommended by a trustworthy SEO Agency New York City.

  1. Site Name Anchor Text

Here, the name of the website is the anchor text of the link.

  1. Article Title Anchor Text

In this type, the anchor text of the link is the title of the article relevant to the piece of content being read/browsed by the visitor.

  1. Keyword Anchor Text

The exact to be ranked on the search engine is the anchor text of the link.

  1. Related Keyword Anchor Text

Here, the keyword relating to the content is the link’s anchor text.

  1. Generic Link Anchor Text

The Generic Links anchor text such as the “Click Here” or “Read More “are never recommended as they are not a healthy practice.


4 Best Practices for Anchor Text Optimization in 2019

  1. Keep it Simple

The most productive approach adhered by the best SEO New York agencies is to keep the anchor text as simple as possible and at the same make it versatile. Ostensibly, as per the Google, each part of your site, including the links have to ensure value to your visitors and the same goes for the anchor text. First of all, place the link in a manner it builds a seamless connection with the audience and the readers should know the destination of the link, by clearly defining the anchor text. With Google’s search algorithm being upgraded to combat fallacy activities of the digital marketers, there is a need to stay clear of the repetitive keywords anchor text writing practice.

  1. No Over Optimization Is Required

You probably read so much stuff over the Internet and looking to implement it, but make ascertain you are not over-optimizing, otherwise this will impact your rankings negatively. The keyword-stuffed anchor texts are a big red flag to Google, as a penalty, it might de-promote your website. And, don’t even think of doing blunt manipulation with the backlinks. Try to keep the anchor texts as natural as possible, and in the right proportion throughout the content.

  1. Content Relevancy is Important

When you contract a dependable Local SEO Manhattan Company the first thing they do is to analyze the anchor text relevancy with regards to the content. In the year 2015, Google included the new search algorithm feature by the name DeepMind, a natural language process technology that makes use of artificial intelligence to understand the content just like a human. Based on its results Google ranks the site.  If the content has an external or internal link that is completely irrelevant to the content, Google is bound to lower your keyword rankings.

  1. Avoid Links to Spam Sites

Spam site linking was a popular black hat SEO practice followed many years back, but in 2019 this is a self-destructive strategy to drive web traffic. Google’s Hummingbird Update looks for such factors when calculating a particular site SERP placement. So, in a nutshell, be very sure that there is no outbound link to a low-quality site.

In the end, doing anchor text optimization is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thereby, it is advisable to rope in a professional SEO agency to take your online business forward by virtue of their in-depth knowledge and years of practical experience.