Get Ready to Dominate Google in 2019

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Want to Dominate Google without much struggle, let us figure out how?

Search engine optimization is growing harder day by day, not because its results are falling but competition is growing. When it comes to competition, it takes a long time to have a good ranking along with investing more money to get the desired results.

No one can wait forever to achieve their goals and its reality that the person is left with no other choice than leveraging SEO as a way because everyone else is doing the same.

So what’s the solution?

The very first thing that you need to make it clear in your mind is that SEO is much more than about ranking or we can say it is more about getting the right kind of traffic. So the main idea revolves around getting into the eyes of your target group who are ready to buy your products. This formula will definitely help you to see results faster and increased sales in a highly competitive environment.

The step involved in best SEO strategy is as follows:

  1. Attract customers before they are ready to buy

One of the must things to work on is an analysis of the keywords that are buyer intent. But they might cost you high as well as can take a long time. So what is the solution? There are certain keywords which work on a similar search pattern which are more related to the information. These keywords are not as lucrative as buyer intent keywords.

Now the next question that may cross your mind is how to find such not so competitive keywords that have similar search pattern. One can easily get to know these keywords using Google Correlate. Google correlate displays all the queries or the words people use those have a similar pattern to the main keyword you need to rank in.

  1. Land And Expand

It is not that easy to rank on new keywords. No doubt SEO has a huge return on investment at the same time it is a time taking and long process. One has to be patient enough to experience its results. We have a strategy to deal with this and get results faster by the means of the following Land and Expand strategy. One can check the list of terms you are currently ranked for by clicking on performance in Google Search console. In the same way, we can pick up some long tail keywords or phrases that are user intent. This process will help you to boost your rand within 30-60 days by adjusting your content.

  1. Build your Brand

In today’s world, not only people but Google also place more emphasis on brands as it is something derived from demand only. A strong brand helps your rank faster thus increasing traffic at an accelerated rate. Branding is a solution to sort out the cesspool. One can monitor its brand growth in comparison to its competitors through Google Trends.

Now one may think of various ways of building a brand like posting blogs, advertisements, etc. but they are no more capable of establishing your brand as every other company is following same practices. So what is the solution? A solution has to be bold and something out of the box that others are not using. Some of the things can genuinely help people to solve their problems, be more elaborative and user-friendly, create video content and every other possible thing to attract people towards your brand. Initially, it will require great efforts but as it will start showing results you will be astonished. SEO in New York helps you to achieve all such results.

  1. Build a Better Mousetrap

Links play a vital role till date in increasing the traffic to your website, thus building up a better mousetrap should be given high preference. It has to be so good and attractive that everyone wishes to link with you. You have to be creative and different enough to be able to compete and rank in a highly competitive environment.

So now you might have understood that the basic concept always remains the same but something that matters or makes a difference in your approach and strategy that has to be customized and creative. SEO in New York is one such company that has evolved to spread this idea through our work and services.