Do Content Marketing Strategies Influence SEO?

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Do the content and SEO work side by side? Do they influence each other? These questions may confuse many people. Yes, Content marketing strategies do influence SEO. SEO creates demand which is fulfilled by content. Everyone is aware of the role of Search Engine Optimization in Digital Marketing, but they might ignore the power of planned content marketing strategies. Just posting blogs and articles may not help you in securing a good rank on SERP. One needs to have a proper content marketing strategy to achieve all your business goals. SEO in New York has listed the content marketing factors that influence SEO.

  • Smaller the better

In today’s busy life no one has time to read lengthy content so one should not concentrate on publishing long blogs but to provide complete information in shorter, easy to understand, crisp and clear form. Therefore, the mantra to be on the topmost list of digital marketing trends you need to present what audience wants to see and read to too in the way that they prefer the shortest, simple and crisp.

  • Update the pattern

Change is the rule and a need to keep up with the pace with constantly changing market and growing competition. Earlier marketers were more focused on producing content with long tail keywords for link building. The latest content pattern has completely changed being more user-friendly and result oriented.

  • Visual is the king

Have you gone through Facebook and Instagram and noticed the dominance of the visual or video content? They don’t only dominate the social media but the whole search engine market. “According to the Business Insider, 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube daily and half a billion internet users watch videos on Facebook.” So now you know where lies the power to grow. Including video content in your SEO can rock your business by taking it to new heights.

  • Voice recognition technology

Technology is at its boom and has come up with many new features and voice recognition is one of them. It has enabled visually impaired people to use technology so easily and seamlessly. Including growing technology can boost your growth at a great pace. Thus, it is very important to include all such evolving technologies into your strategies. A content marketer should make sure that the content framed is conversational so that it may appear on the top voice searches.

  • Personal touch

Adding a personal touch to your products and services gives a sense of belongingness, willingness to buy thus attracting customers more easily. Have you ever seen or observed that one is always attracted to the advertisements to which they can relate be it friendship, love or a solution to problems faced by everyone? Personal touch builds an eternal connection which helps in maintaining customers on a long term basis.

  • Be unique

All the strategies listed above are used by the majority of your competitors but you must do something which is not that common and has demand in the market. This will help you to stand out of the crowd. For example, if you are into the business of diet products you might concentrate on writing blogs on health benefits, ways to reduce stress, tips to lose weight, but that are already available in bulk over the internet. Thus, you must work a little harder and write certain research-based articles which are not posted by your competitors. Your USP gives recognition to your brand in a pool of similar brands.

Now after considering all the above points we can conclude that SEO and content marketing strategies go hand in hand both are ways to promote one another and none can be ignored for growing. SEO in NYC understands this thus devote ourselves in both the streams together for better and visible results.